The Monsters of 'Monster Hunter World': A Hunter's Guide to Creatures and Their Weaknesses

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Jan 26, 2024
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The Monsters of 'Monster Hunter World': A Hunter's Guide to Creatures and Their Weaknesses

Embark on a journey through the vast and treacherous landscapes of 'Monster Hunter World' (MHW), a game that pits you against colossal creatures in a high-fantasy setting. Each monster brings its own set of challenges, attributes, and weaknesses that every hunter must navigate to prevail. This aims to equip them with the knowledge needed to understand these magnificent beasts, highlighting their vulnerabilities and suggesting strategies to handle them effectively. Let's step into the wild and unravel the mysteries of MHW's monstrous inhabitants.

Anjanath: The Fierce Predator

Resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Anjanath patrols the Ancient Forest, towering over many of its inhabitants. This brute is known for its powerful bite, fire-breathing capabilities, and aggressive territorial behavior. Hunters are advised to target their jaw, tail, and legs to exploit their vulnerabilities. When enraged, it will unleash a fiery breath, making Fireproof Mantles or high fire resistance armor a necessity. Water and Ice elements are particularly effective against it, as well as the Poison status effect, which can whittle down its health over time.

Rathalos: The King of the Skies

Soaring above the Ancient Forest and the Elder's Recess is Rathalos, a fearsome wyvern known as the "King of the Skies." With its ability to unleash devastating fireballs and maintain aerial dominance, Rathalos poses a significant challenge to unprepared hunters. Flash Pods can be a lifesaver, grounding it temporarily. Its weaknesses include the Dragon element and Thunder, with the tail and wings being particularly susceptible to damage. A well-timed Dragon Piercer shot from a bow can cause significant damage when it's airborne.

Monster Hunter World

Nergigante: The Eater of Elders

Nergigante, the terrifying elder dragon known for feasting upon other elder dragons, resides within the depths of the Elder's Recess. Covered in lethal spikes that regenerate and harden over time, this beast will test the mettle of any hunter. Its spikes are weakest when white and most resilient when black. Weapons with high elderseal capability can slow the growth of its spikes. Thunder and Dragon elements are the most effective, with the latter also helping to manage its spike regeneration. Focusing on breaking its spikes can prevent its deadliest attack and create openings for massive damage.

Kirin: The Mythical Thunder Unicorn

In the more serene landscapes of the Coral Highlands dwells Kirin, a creature as enigmatic as it is electrifying. Despite its less intimidating stature compared to other beasts in MHW, Kirin should not be underestimated. It specializes in lightning attacks and is capable of striking hunters with precision. A Lightningproof Mantle is almost mandatory, and due to its high mobility and speed, weapons that can deliver quick, hard hits are recommended. Fire is its primary weakness, with the head being the most vulnerable spot for increased damage.

Diablos: The Desert Tyrant

Roaring beneath the sands of the Wildspire Waste, Diablos is a terror of the desert. Recognized by its massive horns and aggressive charges, it can cause earthquakes and use the sand to its advantage. Sonic Bombs can be used when it burrows, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. Diablos is notably weak to the Ice element, and its wings and horns are key targets for those looking to immobilize it and break off valuable materials. Paralysis and Sleep status effects can also give hunters a much-needed opening during the heat of battle.

Teostra: The Lord of Flame

Monster Hunter World

Teostra, an elder dragon that blankets its territory in a shroud of flames, commands the power to incinerate hunters with its explosive fire aura and blasts. Combatting this inferno requires Cool Drinks and Fireproof Mantles to mitigate heat damage. Water and Ice elements prove effective, with Water potentially extinguishing its flame aura. Its head is particularly vulnerable, especially when it is preparing its supernova attack, which can be interrupted by causing enough damage, potentially saving lives in the process.

Legiana: The Frosty Glider

Cut through the chilling winds of the Coral Highlands, and you might encounter Legiana, the frosty wyvern that rules the skies with its ice attacks. Its ability to control ice makes it a challenging foe, as it can freeze hunters in place, leaving them vulnerable. Flash Pods can interrupt its flight, and mulberries are essential to combat its ice-blight effect. The Thunder element is the bane of its existence, and its head and wings are the sweet spots for damage. Fire element also proves effective but to a lesser extent.

Vaal Hazak: The Ghastly Elder

In the eerie depths of the Rotten Vale lives Vaal Hazak, an elder dragon that envelops itself in a deadly effluvium, corroding the health of those around it. The key to its defeat lies in protecting oneself from its effluvium with items like the Effluvial Expert skill or Nullberries. Its body is largely resistant to damage, except for its head and belly, which present critical weak points. Fire and Dragon elements can cut through its defenses, with the latter being especially potent against its effluvium shroud.

Kushala Daora: The Steel Storm

Monster Hunter World

Kushala Daora is an elder dragon capable of manipulating wind, creating storms that can repel projectiles and hunters alike. Facing this metallic beast requires patience and precision. Its wind aura can be mitigated with the Kushala set bonus or Windproof skill, allowing hunters to close the distance. It's weak to Thunder and Dragon elements, with its head and tail being particularly vulnerable. Poison can also weaken its wind barrier, providing an alternative approach to combat.

Behemoth: The Fantasy Foe

Introduced as a special crossover challenge, Behemoth from the Final Fantasy series demands teamwork like no other monster in MHW. Adapted from its origins, it utilizes powerful magic and physical attacks, making it a formidable opponent. The key strategy revolves around tanking its aggression and dishing out damage with precision. It's susceptible to the Dragon element, but due to the nature of the fight, focusing on its mechanical weaknesses, like drawing its Enmity or evading its meteor spells, plays a bigger role than exploiting elemental or ailment weaknesses.


'Monster Hunter World' offers a beautifully challenging experience filled with creatures that are as deadly as they are majestic. Understanding each monster's weaknesses and formulating strategies to exploit them is key to becoming a master hunter. Armed with this knowledge, you're now better prepared to venture into the unknown and carve your path to glory. Remember, every hunt is to learn and adapt. May the Sapphire Star light your way!

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